About us – Company

The brand KeyJey was born at the end of 1990s, originated from a very long family tradition passing through generations to generations. Today the brand is related to the name of Giuseppe Palmieri who can count preciously on the collaboration of his sons, Enrico and Andrea, and he is also surrounded by a very qualified staff. In search of the originality and with a particular focus on the details constantly, the KeyJey’s brand combines the old hand-made tradition with the jeans and streetwear’s style, typical of the new age. The mix of those elements has a main goal: to create a high quality product, sold at a sustainable price, for a very specified and demanding male world. The KeyJey’s collection is gradually oriented itself towards a completed reviewed look: in addition to the wide denim’s collection, considered the KeyJey’s heart, it is possible to find also a lot of different coats and shirts where the KeyJey’s style comes up as the common ground. Everything said above gave to the brand “KeyJey” the chance to spread its style on different market levels, like on the Italian national market and on the international one too, where the made in Italy is always well known for its beauty and very high quality.